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January 10, 2017

Are you an Outsider?

Are you an Outsider?

Digux is helping a local company based out of Seattle spread the word about its awesome new product named the Outsider device to the community.

The Outsider is a weatherproof, wearable Bluetooth remote you can use to walkie-talkie with your group, easily control your music and calls, and send an SoS if you need help – all without taking off your gloves!

People have expressed interest in using the product during the following outdoor activities to name a few:

• Yard work or gardening
• Snowboarding or Skiing
• Snowmobiling
• Snowshoeing
• Hiking
• Hunting
• ATV or Dirt Bikes
• Running, jogging, or Walking
• Motorcycling

The purpose of our message is to have you consider pledging for an Outsider via their active Kickstarter. The company Empower Human Interface Designs is seeking $150k to finalize the Outsider product and get it in our hands by September of 2017. Early adopters get the product at a significant discounted rate for supporting them.

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